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  • VERTIGO by Oxfordshire Theatre Company

    November 8th, 2010


    Performance date was November 2nd. We had a great attendance. The production was extremely professional & the acting was fantastic. We now look forward to the next visit by the Oxfordshire Theatre Company on Tuesday 18th January 2011 with their production of Alice in Wonderland. Tickets available from Carterton Community Centre on 01993 842807.

    Vertigo by Jonathan Holloway

     Made famous by the Alfred Hitchcock film, experience the stage play about a man trapped by his past and crippled by his fear of heights….

    We joined Dr Jacques Ballard as he introduced the fascinating case of Roger Flavieres, a man who’s compelling story of obsession, murder, manipulation and deceit would have you on the edge of your seat.

    Set against the turbulent backdrop of Paris in the 1940’s, Roger Flavieres, a retired police officer, is hired to follow the wife of an old friend. The mysterious Madeleine captivates his heart, but is the relationship what is seems or something far more sinister?

    Oxfordshire Theatre Company, the county’s leading professional touring company, was pleased to present this psychological crime thriller of deception and intrigue, based on the original French novel, “D’Entre les Morts” by Boileau and Narcejac. With an exceptional cast including regular West End musical theatre actress, Sophia Thierens, as the leading lady, this was a performance not to be missed.